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Total: 5448 stories


Found 1 Daisy May

Pet Owner: Patricia B. (IA)Pet Name: Daisy MayDate Lost: 05/02/2017Date Found: 05/02/17

I registered my lost dog on My dog was picked up by a caring individual, and eventually returned to me when she figured out where she belonged. I very much appreciate this website and all those people that try to find a return lost pets, even though my dog was returned by another means. Thank you for your efforts on my Daisy May's behalf. Thank you. Thank you. Trish Baker


Found 1 Meg

Pet Owner: Holly M. (IN)Pet Name: MegDate Lost: 05/09/2017Date Found: 05/11/17

This is such a great and FREE service to use while your dog is lost. It helped to ease my mind knowing all surrounding animal services were notified of our lost dog. Highly recommend, and simple to work with!


Found 1 Cash

Pet Owner: Barbara T. (MO)Pet Name: CashDate Lost: 05/08/2017Date Found: 05/10/17

I was in Missouri visiting my daughter, her fiance, and my granddaughter. I traveled to Missouri from Indiana with my two dogs. An English Springer Spaniel and a Rat Terrier. I had been keeping them penned up. I would let them out to do their business. They both were doing so well with these new surroundings, I allowed them both to be out in the yard with my daughter and myself. In the blink of a eye, my Springer took off. We looked and looked for her. I found on the internet and decided to give it a try. I placed information about my lost dog Tuesday evening and on Thursday I was reunited with my pet. If it wasn't for I'm sure we would not have found her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Found 1 Cali

Pet Owner: Andrea R. (SC)Pet Name: CaliDate Lost: 05/08/0172Date Found: 05/10/17

48 hours was all it took to find my fur baby. Thank God there are wonderful people who are willing to take a moment out of their day and save a lost dog in need of help. If it wasn't for this site I never would have found her. Thank you.


Found 1 Vader

Pet Owner: Darla M. (NM)Pet Name: VaderDate Lost: 05/07/2017Date Found: 05/10/17

My dogs were missing three days, and knowing that I had pictures out there and people in the community were looking for them really helped in the stress I was feeling. We found our dogs today and I just want to tell everyone thank you for your kind words and thank you everyone for keeping us in your prayers.


Found 1 Maggie

Pet Owner: Cindy S. (MI)Pet Name: MaggieDate Lost: 05/05/2017

Unfortunately our outcome was not a happy one. Our Maggie had been hit by a car and was in very long grass, very hard to see. As far as LostMyDoggie, I think they did all they said they would. I also posted on another alert site and they were terrible with communication and did not do what they said they would. I would not have any qualms about using LostMyDoggie again. I pray that I never have to go through this again! Heart Wrenching! If you lose your pet, use this service and follow their tips. This service did not ultimately help us find her, but it could have under other circumstances. I thank them!


Found 1 Russell

Pet Owner: Maria R. (CA)Pet Name: RussellDate Lost: 05/06/2017Date Found: 05/08/17

You don't realize that wonderful websites like exist t until you unfortunately need it. Thank you to the community of animal lovers in helping us search for our dog. I am happy to report that our Russell is back home and we are very grateful.


Found 1 Loki

Pet Owner: Andrea D. (IN)Pet Name: LokiDate Lost: 05/05/2017Date Found: 05/07/17

Thanks to all the help from the internet apps, facebook, police departments, and strangers we passed on the roads helping us look, Loki is back home safe and sound. It was most certainly the worst 33 hours of our lives, but out family is whole again and we couldnt be happier!!!


Found 1 Charlie

Pet Owner: Ashley D. (MA)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 05/04/2017

CHarlie has been found. With all the flyers that were put out he was safely found. Thank you so much.


Found 1 Carl

Pet Owner: Lauren H. (GA)Pet Name: CarlDate Lost: 04/16/2017

Our dog, Carl, went missing on Easter Sunday, 2017. We had gone to visit a friend at their lake house and this was his first time to this area. After being spooked by something, he got off his leash and was simply gone. For two and a half weeks we searched, passed out flyers, and utilized to help spread awareness about Carl's disappearance. Well, our efforts paid off. Today, May 6th, 2017; we located Carl after receiving a tip from a wonderful person who had seen our flyers out. Carl is home safe and unharmed. A HUGE thank you to for helping spread the word about Carl and constantly giving us reassurance that the word about his disappearance was not falling on deaf ears. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! CJ and Lauren Holliday


Found 2 Griffie

Pet Owner: Teresa H. (PA)Pet Name: GriffieDate Lost: 05/01/2017Date Found: 05/06/17

My Griffie came home this morning on his own, after missing for five days! But I can't tell you enough how nice it was knowing that once I registered his profile on this sight that all of my local shelters and veterinary centers were immediately notified. The Lost Posters are helpful also and this sight really helps you to be reunited with your loved pets. Thank you so very much!


Found 1 Abby

Pet Owner: Anita k. (LA)Pet Name: AbbyDate Lost: 05/05/2017

This site was very helpful, quick and useful. Would recommend to use them when a lost or found pet. Thanks Anura King Hillman


Found 1 Chance

Pet Owner: Joshua R. (TX)Pet Name: ChanceDate Lost: 05/02/2017

We have found chance! Thank you guys for all your efforts and shares!


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: Ruth C. (CT)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 05/02/2017Date Found: 05/05/17

I am happy to provide an update that thanks to, the dog I found was reunited with his owners today!! They contacted a local vet's office to see if anyone brought in a dog and one of the employees said they received a notice (from that matched the description) and called me right away. They were so happy to get their little guy back! This is a wonderful site and service, thank you for helping me reunite this family!


Found 1 Jax

Pet Owner: donna m. (TX)Pet Name: JaxDate Lost: 04/26/2017Date Found: 04/27/17 is amazing! I had no idea you guys would be so helpful in finding Jax. I really don't think I would have found him without your help. Thank you a million times over!
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