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Total: 5519 stories


Found 1 Harley

Pet Owner: Sammi W. (NC)Pet Name: HarleyDate Lost: 06/07/2017Date Found: 06/09/17

I absolutely would not have found my dog if it were not for social media. Thank you so much to everyone who runs the sites and monitors them,. Thank you to everyone who helped me find my fur baby !


Found 1 Blanca

Pet Owner: Sandy B. (TX)Pet Name: BlancaDate Lost: 06/13/2017

A big thanks to LostMyDoggie for providing a way to kick off an effective way to start your search for your lost pet and family member. The flyer creation was a great relief (one less thing to think of) and notification to vets and pet related sources is so helpful. Our sweet beautiful black, full of energy, dehydrated, hungry, grateful, exhausted 2 year old shepherd/lab mix was home almost exactly 48-hours to the minute. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Pets Fur People's (Tyler, TX) for having this link affiliated with their website.


Found 1 Salsa

Pet Owner: Cornell D. (MO)Pet Name: SalsaDate Lost: 06/08/2017Date Found: 06/15/17

Thank you so so much for finding my dog cannot stop crying I thought he was gone truly truly thanks to all


Found 1 Princess

Pet Owner: Raven W. (AL)Pet Name: PrincessDate Lost: 06/07/2017

I would use them again! They are fast and seem to really care. Thank You!


Found 1 Daisy

Pet Owner: Brian G. (OH)Pet Name: DaisyDate Lost: 03/23/2017Date Found: 06/13/17

Through the Lost My Doggie website, my dog was found. The person who found her notified the website amd they contacted me directly. They webiste emailed multiple times as well to let me mnow that my dog was found. This was a great aervoce and we are extremely grateful! Brian


Found 1 Barney

Pet Owner: Diana F. (SC)Pet Name: BarneyDate Lost: 06/09/2017Date Found: 06/13/17

I used lostmydoggie call and fax services after my dog was missing for 24 hours. He went missing on a Friday evening and showed up Monday morning as I was leaving for work. It was pretty clear he had been kept in someones house/yard over the weekend as he was missing both his collars( even his expensive invisible fence collars ) he reaked of cigarette smoke, and was mildly dehydrated and hungry. I am not sure if lostmydoggie call outs prompted them to release him but I have a strong feeling the calls, flyers, faxes and social media exposure put some fear/guilt in their heart. Anyways I am very grateful he is back and I would use their call and fax service again if I needed to.


Found 1 Lola

Pet Owner: Pedro M. (CT)Pet Name: LolaDate Lost: 06/11/2017Date Found: 06/12/17

I can't thank you enough! When I found your website I was on the verge of giving up on finding Lola again.. we had searched the whole neighborhood! Last night was very uneasy for us. I was hoping she would just show up and bark to be let in.. On my way to work I received a phone call from a local veterinarian who, I guess, received your broadcast! I was in shock! There I was, having practically given up hope, not sure if it was a dream! It wasn't! The person who found Lola called me and we set up a time for the afternoon. My 6 year old son was probably happier than I when Lola came back! I can't thank you enough for this service! This really works! I'll be posting about this on Twitter.. everyone needs to know! Sincerely, Pedro M. New Haven CT


Found 1 Max (no tags)

Pet Owner: Tom T. (CA)Pet Name: Max (no tags)Date Lost: 06/09/2017Date Found: 06/12/17

Someone saw one of the flyers I posted and called to return my dog


Found 1 Ohlin

Pet Owner: Chris J. (AL)Pet Name: OhlinDate Lost: 06/10/2017Date Found: 06/12/17

We would have never found our dog with LOSTMYDOGGIE.COM!! THANK YOU so much!!!


Found 1 Hyper

Pet Owner: Debra D. (MD)Pet Name: HyperDate Lost: 06/12/2017Date Found: 06/12/17

Thank you for all your help. He was found after several attempts of going out looking for him.


Found 1 Lotus Jaycee

Pet Owner: Debra M. (FL)Pet Name: Lotus JayceeDate Lost: 06/11/2017Date Found: 06/11/17

My girls dug oud of their runn. I was so scared I would not find them. I found this site after searching over an hour. Wi4hin 10 mi utes of geting the post on the site I received a phone call. It was my girls and I was so thankful to Michael for fi di g them. Thank you so much for the amber alert. Girls safe a d sound.


Pet Owner: Char N. (CA)Pet Name: Black shepherdDate Lost: 06/10/2017Date Found: 06/10/17

The owners have been located and Grace is now back home 6 hours later. thank you for everyone's help ! char


Found 1 buddy and rosie

Pet Owner: vanessa o. (CA)Pet Name: buddy and rosieDate Lost: 06/03/2017Date Found: 06/10/17

Thank you everyone, We have found Rosie and Buddy, we got contacted by a family who had found them and kept them until they saw my flyers..... Now too look for GPS


Found 2 Bach

Pet Owner: Mary S. (NY)Pet Name: BachDate Lost: 06/05/2017Date Found: 06/09/17

Thank you again for assisting us in getting our beloved Bach returned. He was found 2 within 3 days...he wandered into someone's basement and they didn't realize it. We had more time for searching for him because this valuable service did some much of the contact work for us. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: teresa w. (NC)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 06/05/2017Date Found: 06/08/17

Because of my account on and signs I printed from here and hung in my neighborhood the friendly stray who had wondered to my home and stayed for a while is now back with his family. I now know his name is Bubba and he belongs to a family down the road for me. He is there family dog who had slipped threw the fence and had wondered off without knowing how to get home. I'm so very happy he is now back home with his loving family. Thank you for helping Bubba get back home!
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