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Total: 5385 stories


Found 1 Max

Pet Owner: Kerri T. (GA)Pet Name: MaxDate Lost: 04/18/2017

I'm very pleased with two hours maybe I got a call from a animal shelter and they directed me to my max.,,i recommend and am very happy..I was skeptical at first but this is the best site thank you


Pet Owner: Hillary K. (AL)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 04/18/2017Date Found: 04/19/17

I posted this to show we found a dog. I immediately took him to the vet to look for a microchip. While I was there a flyer was faxed into the vets office from this site to have them be on the lookout for this missing dog. After I got home from the vet I heard the owner calling for him. I was happy to reunite them but also impressed how quick this site reacted.


Found 1 Pepper

Pet Owner: Barbara H. (NY)Pet Name: PepperDate Lost: 04/18/2017Date Found: 04/19/17

I'm so happy to announce I found Pepper thanks to Lostmydoggie! They sent out a blast to shelters & vets. I started calling the places & on my second call to a vet, they told me they had Pepper! I could not have reached out to all the locations in the speed that Lostmydoggie did. They were so supportive & gave me hope. I would highly recommend this site to anyone who has lost a pet! They work for you so quickly & efficently. I can't thank you enough! Sincerely, Barbara Howell


Found 1 Bella

Pet Owner: Tracy E. (FL)Pet Name: BellaDate Lost: 04/07/2017Date Found: 04/19/17

The flier were the exact thing that helped us get the word out. She was found 8 miles away but we put so many out that we we about a day behind her and finally someone caught her and we got her back. It took ten day but never give up hope we almost did but this service is the reason she's home. Thank you Tracy


Found 1 Rainbow

Pet Owner: PJ R. (CA)Pet Name: RainbowDate Lost: 04/17/2017Date Found: 04/19/17

Thank you for making it so easy to report the dog as lost and make a flyer. I had it done in about 7 minutes and then copied the flyers and out the door. The flyers helped get her back


Found 1 Sadie

Pet Owner: Nancy P. (CA)Pet Name: SadieDate Lost: 04/16/2017Date Found: 04/18/17

Thank you so much to Because of your help we have located our Sadie girl. If it wasn't for the email and faxes you sent out on our behalf we may not have found her. Again the whole family thanks your services and support.


Found 1 Kobee

Pet Owner: Carol G. (CA)Pet Name: KobeeDate Lost: 03/14/2017

He was found. Thanks all for your help. Posters did the job.


Found 1 Denali

Pet Owner: Becky B. (NC)Pet Name: DenaliDate Lost: 04/16/2017

Even though Denali wandered home on his own, gave me peace that people would be on the lookout for our missing family member.


Found 1 ChooChoo

Pet Owner: Richard F. (NC)Pet Name: ChooChooDate Lost: 04/16/2017Date Found: 04/18/17

My Mom's beloved shih-tzu had wandered only about 50 yards from home, but he apparently wore himself out walking back and forth confused about where he was. A kind woman took him in and arranged for a relative in another town to 'foster' him. They called 24 hours after I posted. Wonderful service!


Found 1 Smokey

Pet Owner: Tomine A. (CA)Pet Name: SmokeyDate Lost: 04/15/2017Date Found: 04/18/17

Thank you everyone for helping me find Smokey. Hopefully i wouldnt lose Smokey again. He has a microchip in him now. Thank you for your service.


Found 1 felicia

Pet Owner: kassandra g. (TX)Pet Name: feliciaDate Lost: 04/14/2017Date Found: 04/18/17

I think its a great service and in order for it to work best, we need more people to be aware that this service even exists! Spread the word to everyone you know the next chance you get, dont wait until tragedy hits...the more people who know of the better chances of your dog coming home! Thank you for the precious service you guys offer!


Found 2 Turbo

Pet Owner: Jessica W. (FL)Pet Name: TurboDate Lost: 04/16/2017

Thank you for your help! Turbo is home, safe and sound. He heard the kids outside and came strolling up to the house just a little while ago as if he'd not been gone almost 24 hours. He seems completely normal so we think he took off exploring and maybe couldn't find home on his own. So glad he's home.


Found 1 CANDY

Pet Owner: Nicolas G. (SC)Pet Name: CANDYDate Lost: 04/16/2017Date Found: 04/17/17

It was very impressive !! It took only 20 minutes after I posted Candy's picture and I receive a phone call form a Family that found my dog. Their veterinarian received the poster and notify them about us. And in less that one hour we had Candy back at the house. Great Service !!


Found 1 Sadie

Pet Owner: Raymond B. (CA)Pet Name: SadieDate Lost: 04/13/2017Date Found: 04/17/17

Thank you !!!! Having the posters helped!


Found 1 Nikkie

Pet Owner: Daniel V. (CA)Pet Name: NikkieDate Lost: 04/15/2017Date Found: 04/16/17

Lost my doggie . Com Worked great we lost our Boston early the day before Easter and made a profile on this web site then posted it all over facebook . Someone who had her saw the lost doggie post and called is she was home by 10 o'clock that night
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