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Total: 5519 stories


Found 1 Bert

Pet Owner: Mary L. (KS)Pet Name: BertDate Lost: 06/11/2017

We found Bert! Thank you!


Found 2 Fry

Pet Owner: Elizabeth W. (NM)Pet Name: FryDate Lost: 06/17/2017

My Fry came home this morning and he seems to be in good shape. But I am very please for the assistance and information I got here with your website. I will mention it to others for certain. Thank you so very much!


Found 1 BUNNY

Pet Owner: Adriana L. (CA)Pet Name: BUNNYDate Lost: 06/18/2017Date Found: 06/19/17

I did not find my dog through I lost my doggie. However , I lost my doggie was extremely helpful! Emailed everyone within my perimeter .


Found 1 Koko

Pet Owner: Brittaney P. (CA)Pet Name: KokoDate Lost: 06/11/2017

After 3 days.. a neighbor found koko wondering the streets.


Found 1 Princesa

Pet Owner: Michael L. (CA)Pet Name: PrincesaDate Lost: 06/11/2017Date Found: 06/20/17

This website helped a lot, it notified my nearest vets and it did helped thanks you for everything now my puppy is safe and sound


Found 1 Ace

Pet Owner: Wynter W. (GA)Pet Name: AceDate Lost: 06/18/2017

This is definitely another avenue to get the word out about your pet. Anything helps!


Found 1 Bear

Pet Owner: Zennia M. (CA)Pet Name: BearDate Lost: 06/17/2017

I would like to thank everyone at for all their help and support in finding Bear. In one of the scariest moments of my life you were there for me and my family. This vigilante search for our beloved family member Bear started around 9:00pm Saturday night. This type of comportment was not typical for bear. My son daughter and I seached until 4:00 in the morning as my mother stayed in the front of the yard to see if bear wound return to his home. We all came back with long faces and no bear, the thought of him being out on the street at night petrified us and prevented us from sleeping. The next morning around 7:00 the seach resumed. We began to ask people if they saw him and gave detailed descriptions in case they saw him. As we were asking around a friendly neighbor recommended that we try using this organization. After driving around for many hours I tried it out. The amount of resources and support that was demonstrated was astonishing. It warmed my heart to see how much effort was bing but into heping lost pets and their owner's. Around 3:00 that evening i was notified that bear was at the animal shelter. We couldn't have done it without you, this organization is truly outstanding. You guys helped us fine our baby bear and for that we are forever grateful.


Found 1 Mason

Pet Owner: Lisa W. (AL)Pet Name: MasonDate Lost: 06/06/2017

My dog was missing for almost 2 weeks. The poster that was made from lost my doggie has been shared thousands of times by people in the community, animal advocate groups, and just complete strangers that wish to help reunite you with your lost loved one. Thank you!!!!! Without your help, and clear crisp posters. Mason would not have been seen by thousands!!! LISA WHEELER


Found 1 Hermy

Pet Owner: Diane M. (FL)Pet Name: HermyDate Lost: 06/16/2017

Thank you for all your help. We have found Hermy and are so happy he is back home safe. This is a great website to post a lost or found dog. Hopefully we will never have to again. But we will use this website again if need be. Sincerely Diane


Found 1 LuLu

Pet Owner: andrea c. (TX)Pet Name: LuLuDate Lost: 06/13/2017Date Found: 06/18/17

I posted on and got a call within 7 hours from someone who got the recorded message, and had found my dog. Best money I have ever spent!!!


Found 1 Henry

Pet Owner: Janae A. (GA)Pet Name: HenryDate Lost: 06/08/2017

Thanks for all the help we were able to find Henry, and he is so happy to be home!!!!


Found 1 Alice

Pet Owner: Lane C. (CA)Pet Name: AliceDate Lost: 06/17/2017Date Found: 06/17/17

Amazing amazing amazing. Located within one hour. Returned by a neighbor a few streets away. Amazing. Thank you !!!!!!


Found 1 Gambler

Pet Owner: LANORA T. (PA)Pet Name: GamblerDate Lost: 06/14/2017Date Found: 06/17/17

This website was so good to use. Easy to use and free when really neede I'm glad inusednit, my dog is home.and safe. Thanks


Found 2 Bowen

Pet Owner: Kristin F. (NY)Pet Name: BowenDate Lost: 06/14/2017Date Found: 06/17/17

Thanks so much for your service. I was able to find him after a few days. My other cat knew he was out there and was meowing. Bowen answered! Having a posting on your website helped me to know I was doing all I could while waiting for his return.


Found 1 Kanu

Pet Owner: Carolyn G. (CA)Pet Name: KanuDate Lost: 07/01/2017Date Found: 07/25/17

Thank you so much lost my doggie. You guys are always so helpful when people lose their pets.
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