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Total: 5519 stories


Found 1 Brigette

Pet Owner: Denise C. (TX)Pet Name: BrigetteDate Lost: 07/01/2017Date Found: 07/10/17 was affordable. And.. my baby girl Brigette is back. Thank you.


Found 1 Gypsy

Pet Owner: kathy g. (TX)Pet Name: GypsyDate Lost: 07/13/2017Date Found: 07/11/17

Gypsy's poster was spotted by a lady who happened to be friends with the lady that was housing Gypsy. So amazed that there are still folks out there that truly care about animals. Thank you for having a wonderful service!!


Found 1 Baby Girl

Pet Owner: Beth S. (GA)Pet Name: Baby GirlDate Lost: 07/04/2017Date Found: 07/09/17

Our sweet Baby Girl was found! She was found with the help of the flyers we made through! Thank you so very much! I would highly recommend to anyone who has lost their pet.


Found 1 Charlie

Pet Owner: Marilyn Z. (CA)Pet Name: CharlieDate Lost: 07/08/2017Date Found: 07/08/17

Thank you for this website, we found our dog!


Found 1 Cricket

Pet Owner: Kalee H. (CA)Pet Name: CricketDate Lost: 07/07/2017

This was definitely helpful in getting the word out! I went into my vet office to post a flier and found that my posting from lost my doggie was already on their board! Thanks for helping spread the word quickly!


Found 1 Sadie

Pet Owner: mary c. (IN)Pet Name: SadieDate Lost: 07/06/2017Date Found: 07/08/17

I had lost hope that Sadie would be found, and this website was my last ditch hope of ever finding her. Literally 2 hours after my post, I got a call from a lady that works at the local animal shelter (after hours) to tell me she was pretty sure she was brought there! It did turn out to be her, and I am so grateful she was found so quickly. I'd recommend this site to anyone who's had after pet go missing.



Pet Owner: Marlene J. (CA)Pet Name: PRINCESSDate Lost: 07/04/2017Date Found: 07/07/17

Absolutely wonderful service! Found our Dog Princess within a day of posting that she went missing! Thank you for all of your efforts!


Found 1 Grizzly bear

Pet Owner: Jennifer K. (OK)Pet Name: Grizzly bearDate Lost: 06/29/2017



Found 1 Emily

Pet Owner: erika g. (CA)Pet Name: EmilyDate Lost: 07/05/2017Date Found: 07/07/17

I posted a reward on flyers yesterday and prayed Real hard and sincerely God please bring her home. I got a text this afternoon with a picture of my dog. Some kids found her two days ago. She stinks like skunk still. That's one of the main reasons why she had no collar, about two weeks ago she was sprayed at our home. Even after now three washes she still stinks ?? ????? lol. Thank you Lord! Thanks to all my family that help put out the websites flyers & posters. Oh Joy, we will be removing all the flyers and posters we put up. It's a happy Friday for sure! I will rejoice and be glad!


Found 1 Molly

Pet Owner: Marcia K. (CO)Pet Name: MollyDate Lost: 06/28/2017

Thank you so much for this website and to the wonderful man who found Molly! You guys are wonderful, we're so happy!!!


Found 1 Rocky

Pet Owner: Susan P. (NY)Pet Name: RockyDate Lost: 07/04/2017Date Found: 07/06/17

Thank you for all the help. Rocky was found down the block hiding under a deck in someone's backyard!


Found 1 Cooper

Pet Owner: Elizabeth H. (TX)Pet Name: CooperDate Lost: 07/04/2017

Thank you Lost Doggie!!!! This organization shared this information so quickly and widely distributed - word spread so fast! Thank you - I can't show my. Appreciation enough! Thank you for all you do for the lost dogs out there!


Found 1 Ginger

Pet Owner: Shelly R. (TX)Pet Name: GingerDate Lost: 06/26/2017

Guess whos back at home!!!!!!  Our Ginger girl, she is skinny and filthy, but she is a happy happy puppy!   She has been gone for 10 whole days.  Thank you to the family that found her in their garage under their car. Little Mason, you are my hero! ???????????? I cannot tell you how happy this makes me to have my best friend home.  Thank you to everyone that helped us looking for her, reposted and shared, and reached out to us for support.  Thank you, for your help in getting the word out to everyone!


Found 1 OREO

Pet Owner: TANYA R. (CA)Pet Name: OREODate Lost: 07/03/2017Date Found: 07/05/17

We are pleased to say we found our puppy Oreo a few houses down. We posted the posters made and someone who found her called us to let us know she was safe! We picked her up and now she is happily back home! I want to say thank you for everything and everyone that helps lost pets! You are angles! LostMyDoggie really does send out all your flyers of missing pets. Today we were going around shelters and vets to look for Oreo and post her flyer. When we got to the VCA near by her poster was already there because it was sent out by!!! Thank you again! and I hope this website can help all the lost pets be reunited!


Found 1 Tucker

Pet Owner: Charles K. (GA)Pet Name: TuckerDate Lost: 07/04/2017

Our service dog has returned home! He was waiting patiently on the front porch when we came home from work today! God does answer prayers and He certainly did provide a guardian angel for our family. Amen and thank you for caring about our little Tucker!
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