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Total: 5519 stories


Found 1 Sam

Pet Owner: Karen M. (CA)Pet Name: SamDate Lost: 07/14/2017Date Found: 07/18/17

Very grateful for this service, helped spread awareness that she was missing and there were a lot of wonderful people who helped me find her. Someone took her to the shelter and I was inforemed she was there.


Found 1 Dejavu

Pet Owner: Debora M. (AZ)Pet Name: DejavuDate Lost: 07/07/2017Date Found: 07/13/17

The Day that Deja Died She went missing on Friday July 7, 2017. I prayed all week that God would spare the life of my precious little Chihuahua and return her safely to me. Thank God she had a microchip. Six long days and nights went by. Then I answered the call that no one wants to get. PACC said Someone found Deja dead on the side of the road last Friday. But they turned in her little body to PACC just today. I was silent, my heart sank as the reality that I would never hold her again came flooding in. I closed my eyes and the tears began to flow. MY HEART began to BREAK. As I cried out to God about Deja being lost He said to me "you cry for a precious little animal that you love and cherish and I understand your pain." God gave me the peace and strength that he is greater than any storm or circumstance in my life. He sustains me and I trust in Him. If you're lost God wants you to come home. The Bible says in Luke 19:10 "For the son of Man (which is Jesus Christ) is come to seek and to save that which was lost." Her death was not in vain because it helped me to understand the heart of God. God said to me "I want them to return to me so that I can love and redeem them." I want to THANK the person who found Dejavu and took the time to take her to PACC. I am so grateful because now I can begin the healing that only God and closure can give me. If you are reading this post and you were the person who found her and took her to PACC please I would like to speak with you to find out how she died. Did a car hit her? Where was she found? Was she dead when you found her?


Found 1 unknown

Pet Owner: Lucy C. (NY)Pet Name: unknownDate Lost: 07/08/2017Date Found: 07/10/17

This is an excellent service. I'm certain that because of the calls that were made to the people in our community we were able to find our dog, Taz. Taz was missing for close to 48 hours. He had been spotted a handful of times but remained elusive to his family until finally we were able to pinpoint his location through one of the calls from your service. We were able to put in place procedures to help him find his way home and remain very grateful!


Found 1 Maggie Mae (aka Harley)

Pet Owner: Elizabeth B. (CA)Pet Name: Maggie Mae (aka Harley)Date Lost: 07/17/2017

I was very pleased with the ease and speed of service provided by the site. It provided some comfort to know a whole network of pet-loving people were on notice and helping to look for our lost doggie. We found her and are very grateful for the service being there to help ease the search. The lost doggie poster was a big help, as the last thing we wanted to do was make one - too sad - so having one made for us that was just perfect was such a gift. Thank you!


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Raleigh S. (FL)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 07/16/2017Date Found: 07/17/17

She has been joined with her family 07/17/2017. Thanks everyone


Found 1 Callie

Pet Owner: Audra D. (CA)Pet Name: CallieDate Lost: 07/17/2017Date Found: 07/17/17

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I had never even heard of this site before, but after posting about my lost dog on the Nextdoor App, someone recommended that I come here to print out fliers. Within 2 minutes of entering in my info, I received an email from someone who had found her!!! I hadn't even finished printing out my fliers! I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with this site! I will definitely be recommending it to others! Thanks again!


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Chris H. (MI)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 07/16/2017Date Found: 07/17/17

Because of sights like this we found Whiley's mom and he's home safe


Found 1 GIZMO

Pet Owner: David F. (CA)Pet Name: GIZMODate Lost: 07/03/2017Date Found: 07/17/17



Found 1 Jasper & Oliver

Pet Owner: Mary V. (MD)Pet Name: Jasper & OliverDate Lost: 07/04/2017

Jasper and Oliver have been found. Thanks for your help. It's always good to know you have someone in your corner when you really need it.


Found 1 Petey

Pet Owner: Elaine H. (FL)Pet Name: PeteyDate Lost: 06/30/2017

Used it in a rural locaturn un Florida. The call radius was around 8.5 miles. It rang whatever land lines still exist and even called cellphones, including mine. This app didn't have my phone number and u was also from a different area code. 100 percent satisfied because it did do what it said it would do per my selected package


Found 1 Toshi

Pet Owner: Tacha G. (CA)Pet Name: ToshiDate Lost: 07/02/2017

Guess who is back!? We FOUND TOSHI! He was high up in Beverly Hills Hills, behind a house, where he had created his own little den. Just yesterday he started coming into their backyard and they managed to trap him. He is very hungry and thirsty but thanks to theses lovely people calling PetKey I was able to pick him up just now and he is on the mend. Off to the vet first thing in the morning and then to get a collar! BIG thank-you to everyone involved! In light of our incident with Toshi, Karl and myself want to give back to the dog world. T&K XO


Found 1 River

Pet Owner: Joyce P. (CO)Pet Name: RiverDate Lost: 07/04/2017Date Found: 07/07/17

Social media sites are the best.


Found 1 Max

Pet Owner: Loretta D. (IL)Pet Name: MaxDate Lost: 07/03/2017Date Found: 07/04/17

I just want to say that I am so impressed with My parents yorkie ran away an they were so upset. We searched for almost 2 days and then I found this site. I couldn't believe how they put out the alerts and there were flyiers made up! Even though a neighbor ended up finding Max in their garage I am still so appreciative of the effort put into searching for Max. This is a Godsend that will help so many distraught families!


Found 1 Storm

Pet Owner: Brook M. (AL)Pet Name: StormDate Lost: 05/09/2017Date Found: 07/12/17

My dog was missing for 9 weeks. We never gave up. We kept checking and posting. A woman had picked him up about 50 yards from the house thinkin he was a stray. If it hadn't of been for this website me and my 3 year would not have our Storm back. Thank you so much!!!


Found 1 Bertha

Pet Owner: JuanMiguel R. (TX)Pet Name: BerthaDate Lost: 07/03/2017

I jusy want to say Thank You! I was scared I wasn't gonna find my dog. She means the world to me. Especially since she's in her golden years. The thought of her dying in the streets without someone showing her she is loved broke my heart. I'm glad she was found and brought back at home. Your site is very helpful & has opened my eyes to never over look a dog or cat in the street. I appreciate all that you do and offer!!
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