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Total: 5385 stories


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Scott K. (TX)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 03/18/2017Date Found: 03/18/17

I found a stray at about 1:30pm this afternoon. After getting her some initial veterinary care, we began looking for the owners. I posted to nearly 10 different facebook groups dedicated to lost pets in the area, called every petco and petsmart within a 25 mile radius, created craigslist posts, contacted local vets, everything we could think of... with no results. We feared our stray was actually abandoned. I posted a 'found pet' listing on, and within half an hour I was on the phone with the owners. Lostmydoggie had forwarded my listing to the owner's vet, who promptly contacted the owner. Our stray was picked up at about 8pm. I'm honestly shocked at how well, and how quickly, this service worked! If I EVER lose one of my own pets, this is the first place I'll turn!


Found 1 Shelby

Pet Owner: Elizabeth C. (CA)Pet Name: ShelbyDate Lost: 03/16/2017Date Found: 03/17/17

Its because of sites like this that my dog was brought back to me so quickly. I will be forever greatful!!!


Found 1 Skipper

Pet Owner: Marilyn G. (FL)Pet Name: SkipperDate Lost: 03/16/2017Date Found: 03/17/17

Thank you so much ! Without lost doggie , he'd still be gone !


Found 1 Sebastian

Pet Owner: Alicia S. (TX)Pet Name: SebastianDate Lost: 03/13/2017Date Found: 03/16/17

This website was fantastic! I found my dog within a day of posting here. They give you a free poster to print and it was very helpful in finding my dog. Thank you very much for all of your help! I know where to turn if ever in need again.


Found 1 Duke

Pet Owner: Samantha R. (TN)Pet Name: DukeDate Lost: 03/12/2017Date Found: 03/16/17

Found today love the site any and all exposure you can get helps especially the setup of this one easy and convenient when your rushing trying to find your dog.


Found 1 Chloe

Pet Owner: Tiffany H. (PA)Pet Name: ChloeDate Lost: 02/02/2017Date Found: 03/16/17

It was well over a month my girl was missing. Thanks to lost my doggie sending faxes to local vets, the person who had Chloe lived 2 streets away from me. His mother saw Chloe's poster when she took her dog to the vet. Her son then called me and we arranged to meet. If it wasn't for the poster I would of never got her back and she was so close but so far away!!


Found 1 Princess

Pet Owner: Hyde E. (UT)Pet Name: PrincessDate Lost: 03/12/2017

Excellent website!!!


Found 1 Everest

Pet Owner: Jennifer D. (NV)Pet Name: EverestDate Lost: 03/15/2017Date Found: 03/15/17

Thank you! It only took 2hrs after posting our missing Great Pyrenees puppy that she was home! She was only a short drive away and the kind people who picked her up found her on your lost dog section. We are so grateful for your wonderful free service! Jennifer D Las Vegas, Nv


Found 2 Cali

Pet Owner: Adrienne T. (AL)Pet Name: CaliDate Lost: 02/27/2017

I really appreciate the help that provided in finding my lost cat! We are now reunited and our family is whole again!


Found 1 Wolfie

Pet Owner: Victor .. (CA)Pet Name: WolfieDate Lost: 03/10/2017

PRAISE BREAK Wolfie the Wolf Miester has been found thankyou to all that that shared reported sightings of him, earlier this evening after being missing since Friday. We're sooo excited and thankful he's been found and safe at home.


Found 2 Sasha

Pet Owner: Danny W. (NM)Pet Name: SashaDate Lost: 03/10/2017Date Found: 03/14/17

This is a great service! Sasha returned home on her own, but this service helps with several other aspects of what you go through when you lose a pet. :-) Thank you!


Found 1 Princess

Pet Owner: Carlos R. (CA)Pet Name: PrincessDate Lost: 03/10/2017Date Found: 03/13/17

Hello, my name is Carlos and I was not paid to give this testimonial. After being told by lovely assistant at a local animal clinic to post my info on i went ahead and did so. Within 20 min. after posting I got a text from an unknown person asking if the picture she had just sent me was my dog. I responded yes and asked her if she had my princess. She mentioned that she doesn't have her, but that the picture she sent me was from a Facebook page lakewood and long beach lost and found animals. She had recognized the photo from that I had just posted and the Facebook photo that someone else had posted and went ahead and reached out to me to inform me that someone had found my dog and posted it on fb. I went ahead and contacted the person on fb through instant messenger and set up the meet. If it wasn't for the sight the info wouldn't have been out there and thus they wouldn't have contacted me. Thank you !!!!!


Found 1 Major

Pet Owner: Percy D. (CA)Pet Name: MajorDate Lost: 03/11/2017Date Found: 03/13/17

Used the lost dog template provided and by posting flyers near our house we were able to receive a phone call from the house that had held him for me. Thank you so much for your assistance I couldn't have done it without the constant support!


Found 1 Oakley

Pet Owner: Jeremy E. (LA)Pet Name: OakleyDate Lost: 03/10/2017Date Found: 03/12/17 was a great resource for our peace of mind as far as for notifying local vets and shelters. The resource for creating flyers was great too. I'm sure your service helps locate many, many pets!!


Found 1 Squeak's

Pet Owner: Roxanne M. (PA)Pet Name: Squeak'sDate Lost: 03/10/2017Date Found: 03/12/17

He came home on his own after 3 days. But thanks for lostmydoggie for the awesome resources they have to help people find thire loved pets.
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