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Total: 5448 stories


Found 1 felicia

Pet Owner: kassandra g. (TX)Pet Name: feliciaDate Lost: 04/14/2017Date Found: 04/18/17

I think its a great service and in order for it to work best, we need more people to be aware that this service even exists! Spread the word to everyone you know the next chance you get, dont wait until tragedy hits...the more people who know of the better chances of your dog coming home! Thank you for the precious service you guys offer!


Found 2 Turbo

Pet Owner: Jessica W. (FL)Pet Name: TurboDate Lost: 04/16/2017

Thank you for your help! Turbo is home, safe and sound. He heard the kids outside and came strolling up to the house just a little while ago as if he'd not been gone almost 24 hours. He seems completely normal so we think he took off exploring and maybe couldn't find home on his own. So glad he's home.


Found 1 CANDY

Pet Owner: Nicolas G. (SC)Pet Name: CANDYDate Lost: 04/16/2017Date Found: 04/17/17

It was very impressive !! It took only 20 minutes after I posted Candy's picture and I receive a phone call form a Family that found my dog. Their veterinarian received the poster and notify them about us. And in less that one hour we had Candy back at the house. Great Service !!


Found 1 Sadie

Pet Owner: Raymond B. (CA)Pet Name: SadieDate Lost: 04/13/2017Date Found: 04/17/17

Thank you !!!! Having the posters helped!


Found 1 Nikkie

Pet Owner: Daniel V. (CA)Pet Name: NikkieDate Lost: 04/15/2017Date Found: 04/16/17

Lost my doggie . Com Worked great we lost our Boston early the day before Easter and made a profile on this web site then posted it all over facebook . Someone who had her saw the lost doggie post and called is she was home by 10 o'clock that night


Found 1 Cinny

Pet Owner: Sara G. (CA)Pet Name: CinnyDate Lost: 04/09/2017Date Found: 04/16/17

Thank you everyone who looked for her!!! She is safe and sound with a broken hip but at home


Found 1 Leah

Pet Owner: Lissette B. (RI)Pet Name: LeahDate Lost: 04/09/2017Date Found: 04/15/17

Thanks for your help!


Found 1 Leah

Pet Owner: Lissette B. (RI)Pet Name: LeahDate Lost: 04/09/2017Date Found: 04/15/17

Thank you lostmydoggie for supporting & helping us find Leah... You are awesome!!!


Found 1 Peppa

Pet Owner: Constance W. (TX)Pet Name: PeppaDate Lost: 04/13/2017Date Found: 04/14/17

Lost my doggie sent out emails faxes and alerts to help recover my dog and someone saw the fax and called us. I have my dog now after 24hrs. I am super grateful for their service and the community who took notice of the alerts sent out. Thank you!


Pet Owner: Lisa B. (AZ)Pet Name: IzzyDate Lost: 04/06/2017

Huge thanks for helping us find our dog!!


Found 1 Blue

Pet Owner: Ana V. (NM)Pet Name: BlueDate Lost: 04/09/2017

Mil Gracias! - THANK YOU! A wonderful person contacted me after seeing the poster provided by your service and viewing the animal humane websites and matched our Blue shortly after the pic was on the website. He was recognized within 24 hours of posters going up around our area. We are very grateful to the service you provide and the folks out there watching out for our pets. Dominique, Rebecca and Ana


Found 1 Peanut

Pet Owner: Karla M. (CA)Pet Name: PeanutDate Lost: 04/02/2017

Thank you so much for helping us find Peanut. We couldn't have done it without your help.


Found 1 Raven

Pet Owner: Emily M. (IN)Pet Name: RavenDate Lost: 04/11/2017Date Found: 04/12/17

I was so devastated that Raven had run away from our families house. My husband and I were visiting for the first time and are from Jacksonville, Arkansas. I didn't think we would get her back. We posted signs and offered a reward for her return. I searched the internet to post notices when I came across your Lost My Doggie site. I posted our dog on the site and felt a little more reassured that there was a greater chance of finding her. The next day she was retuned what a relief. Thanks for your assistance and keep up the good work. Emily and Raven


Found 1 Chip

Pet Owner: Kari N. (OH)Pet Name: ChipDate Lost: 03/19/2017

Thank you for your help


Found 1 Fanny

Pet Owner: Olivia P. (WV)Pet Name: FannyDate Lost: 04/02/2017Date Found: 04/12/17

Fanny was indeed found. The piece of mind brought in knowing that information about fanny was out there Was wonderful. That kind you to everyone that helped share her information and for all the concern!
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