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Pet Owner: Terri D. (TX)Pet Name: PRESTONDate Lost: 05/02/2017

My baby was found thanks to the vet and shelter listing's!! Thank God he's back home!! Thank you to everyone that helped in the search for my baby!!


Found 1 Fudge

Pet Owner: Dawn C. (FL)Pet Name: FudgeDate Lost: 05/17/2017Date Found: 05/21/17

Was a nice site and helpful, but we found him right after posting here, someone seen a craigslist ad i posted for a lost dog that also seen a facebook ad for a found dog and she put 2 and 2 together...he was over 20 minutes away by car! Good luck to all you can never post too much to anywhere because you never know who can see it or where they could end up!


Found 1 Scruffy

Pet Owner: Mary F. (NJ)Pet Name: ScruffyDate Lost: 05/22/2017Date Found: 05/26/17

The power of social media was a tremendous tool in helping us recover Scruffy. Every neighborhood he traveled to, the people knew he was lost. Thanks to Lost My Doggie, the father of one of the good guys who captured Scruffy knew the dog was lost and people were looking for him. The "Reward" option was also helpful as we didn't think to put that on our fliers. Great job - can't thank you and the entire village of volunteers who spent time and energies looking for Scruffy. Thanks again, Scruffy is home.


Found 2 Binx

Pet Owner: Erin T. (NC)Pet Name: BinxDate Lost: 05/26/2017Date Found: 05/26/17

I have used this service twice and both times I have been beyond impressed. In the middle of worrying about your pet, it is an unbelievable help to know that someone else is contacting neighbors, vets, pet establishments as well as creating a flyer for your use. When you feel that you are only one person and can't possibly find your pet on your own, this service makes you feel that there are hundreds of people helping you look. Within minutes of entering your pet's details, faxes have been sent, emails sent, phone calls made, and local pet-finders notified. Using Lost My Doggie maximizes your chances of recovering your pet and covers such a large area in a short time but what has helped me the most is knowing that people beyond my reach have been notified of my situation and my pet's situation and are on the lookout to bring my loved one home.


Found 1 Brittan

Pet Owner: Andrea T. (FL)Pet Name: BrittanDate Lost: 05/18/2017Date Found: 05/24/17

With the invaluable tips from LostMyDoggie and the ability to list my lost baby and make posters from my listing and have 35 alert faxes and emails sent out to surrounding veterinarians and pet businesses and 20 alert emails to their pet rescue team, we were able to have our baby returned to us today. This site gave us useful information on things we could do on our end to aid in finding our baby and then they sent out the alerts. Information was readily shared and eventually one of our flyers brought him home to us. Thank you LostMyDoggie for all you do for the heartbroken families who have lost a pet and need help and encouragement in bringing them home. Our baby boy Chihuahua, Brittan, says Thank You!


Found 1 Jordan

Pet Owner: Julie F. (CA)Pet Name: JordanDate Lost: 05/23/2017Date Found: 05/24/17

I want to Thank You so much for your services both my doggie's are home now. I'm so glad I got them microchipped also.


Found 1 Aubrey

Pet Owner: Starrland B. (TX)Pet Name: AubreyDate Lost: 05/24/2017Date Found: 05/24/17

Just wanna take a few minutes out to thank I LOST MY DIGGIE dog was missing for about a hour and I got a call saying someone found Aubrey


Found 1 Gerard

Pet Owner: Tracy C. (TN)Pet Name: GerardDate Lost: 05/09/2017Date Found: 05/24/17

Wonderful service! Sooo happy to have Gerard back!


Found 1 Precious

Pet Owner: Dale S. (FL)Pet Name: PreciousDate Lost: 10/15/2016Date Found: 05/22/17

We were very appreciative of the help received from LostMyDoggie. All the materials and advice were top notch. Thanks for your service.


Found 1 Daisy

Pet Owner: Jack C. (LA)Pet Name: DaisyDate Lost: 05/19/2017Date Found: 05/22/17

I posted that my uncle's dog went missing in New Orleans and because sends out flyers to pet rescue groups for free, the pound had picked her up and saw the flyer. They called us the next day. She would have likely been put to sleep if it wasn't for Lost my doggie.


Found 1 Zoey

Pet Owner: KRISTI C. (TN)Pet Name: ZoeyDate Lost: 05/12/2017Date Found: 05/16/17

Zoey was returned to us simply because she had a name/number tag. However, I do love this online program to simply spread the word in the community. I used the posters to hang all over and letting the vets/shelters in the area know is a huge plus...I would definitely go to again!


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Jodi A. (TX)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 05/21/2017Date Found: 05/21/17

I found a sweet mixed dog and posted to your website. The owner responded within a few hours and he was returned. Everybody is HAPPY! ??


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: Kyley M. (CA)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 05/20/2017Date Found: 05/21/17

This website actually works! I received a text from a local rescue about the flier within an hour of posting it and letting me know they were there to help.


Found 1 Remington

Pet Owner: Esther P. (TX)Pet Name: RemingtonDate Lost: 05/20/2017

Found my dog! People called as soon as he was spotted!


Found 1 Roxie

Pet Owner: Xiomara D. (NJ)Pet Name: RoxieDate Lost: 05/18/2017Date Found: 05/21/17

Thank you, for posting Roxie disappearance. Roxie was found in the nearby county shelter, safe and well. This website made it possible to reach out to others in helping. I want to thank you so much for my pets recovery and safe back home. I would definitely recommend this to all that is desperately seeking for their family pets. Thank you, so much. Roxie is now hone and the family is very, very happy.
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