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Total: 5448 stories


Found 1 Yeller or Freddy

Pet Owner: Victoria B. (MO)Pet Name: Yeller or FreddyDate Lost: 04/25/2017Date Found: 05/05/17

Freddy is home thank you everyone for the quick response indicating my pup. Freddy could be heard across the river by all towns people at night Freddy would start howling from dusk till dawn in hopes that we would hear him and rescue him. After days of no one able to catch him the storms rolled in flooding the river where Freddy was last seen. My heart just sank when I saw the raging river. I thought that I would never see my Freddy again but even though the River flooded they never gave up on Freddy. Freddy fled to higher grounds, where he came across a farm house where he decided to take refuge on their porch for two days. On the second day of his stay with the farmers family. The owner happened to look on Facebook and saw Freddy's mug shot and proceed to call me and let me know . Hey I think we have your dog, I know we have your dog he looks just like your picture. Visit we identified him through scar's and yes it was him. My husband made the trip back to Missouri for the 3rd time only this time to reunite with Freddy. The farmers turned down our reward for Freddy, and happily sent Freddy on his journey back to Texas with his owner. Freddy and my husband showed up around 11pm last night I was already asleep. They walk in and Freddy jumps on the bed and gives me a bear hug. At that moment I looked into his eyes and saw relief and sadness and I thank God that I didn't just give up on him. Thank you everyone who helped to bring Freddy home thank you God. I love my Freddy always and forever.


Pet Owner: Charles L. (PA)Pet Name: BonnieDate Lost: 05/04/2017Date Found: 05/04/17

Can't thank you enough for helping find my best friend.. Bonnie took off in the morning, probably following some scent in the woods around our house. Normally, would not have been a problem as she would always be back within a short time. However, this past year, her age has caught up with her and her hearing and eyesight have become greatly diminished. I spent about 3 hours driving and walking the wood around our property.I really had very little hope of finding her as she could not hear me calling. When I got back from looking, I immediately posted to this site. Within 20 minutes of my post, I got a call from someone who had found her about 3 miles from our house. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Thank you so much for creating this site.


Found 1 Lola

Pet Owner: Mandy S. (MI)Pet Name: LolaDate Lost: 04/30/2017Date Found: 05/04/17

Tytyty for the poster. I printed out a bunch. A guy kiddy corner from my house a guy called from saying there's a tinydoggie that wouldn't let him come near her so we drove down the road and my daughter got out and she came right to her!!! Ty so very much!!!!! God bless u


Pet Owner: Julie K. (CA)Pet Name: GizmoDate Lost: 04/21/2017

Luckily my Gizmo was found safe and sound I appreciate using this website and will tell everyone about it, it definitely helps having in for our local neighbors.


Found 1 Taco

Pet Owner: Amber J. (IL)Pet Name: TacoDate Lost: 04/17/2017

Very quick and easy to use. Great notifications.


Found 1 Shtinky

Pet Owner: Erica R. (CA)Pet Name: ShtinkyDate Lost: 04/28/2017Date Found: 04/30/17

I am beyond grateful for for raising awareness of my missing pet. He is now home safe and sound and I couldn't be happier. My heart is overflowing with so much joy!


Found 1 Sunny

Pet Owner: Kristi C. (TX)Pet Name: SunnyDate Lost: 04/18/2017

The wonderful person who found my dog, googled lost Aussie, and thst is how she found me. I'm sure it was my post with this website that helped reunite my dog, Sunny, with our family! Thank you!


Found 1 Rex

Pet Owner: Robert F. (PA)Pet Name: RexDate Lost: 04/27/2017Date Found: 04/29/17

It was very helpful to use Would use again. Thank you Bob Fox


Found 1 Buddy

Pet Owner: Etta Mae T. (NM)Pet Name: BuddyDate Lost: 04/06/2017Date Found: 04/29/17

Thank you so much for your services were greatly appreciated. Though he was found locally by the Vet paying attention ,(to the information that they were given of Buddy being lost) to the caller that had him, I got him back. I would highly recommend anyone that has a lost dog to utilitize the services of


Found 1 Oreo

Pet Owner: Ed or Lucky M. (AZ)Pet Name: OreoDate Lost: 04/14/2017Date Found: 04/28/17

Oreo was back home this morning after 2 weeks of being missing! We're not sure who took her to the shelter, but we are so grateful for anyone who may have seen her post and shared her information.


Found 1 Dani Barber

Pet Owner: Colby B. (GA)Pet Name: Dani BarberDate Lost: 04/18/2017

I would like to thank lostmydoggie for helping me find my lost dog. She was recently picked up by a good Samaritan and turned into our local animal shelter where see was scanned for her microchip which eventually led us back together. Thanks too everyone for their generosity throughout this process.


Found 1 Miles

Pet Owner: Ashley R. (MI)Pet Name: MilesDate Lost: 04/20/2017Date Found: 04/27/17

Printing and posting the free signs from this website was SO easy! It helped me spread the word through social media as well. The listings for local vet clinics/hospitals is how I was able to locate my dog. Thanks for this free service!


Found 1 Kinzi

Pet Owner: Kiko B. (MO)Pet Name: KinziDate Lost: 04/24/2017

Thank you for all your assistance in helping us get Kinzi home, we truly appreciate it. We are so happy to have Kinzi home tonight????


Found 1 Marley

Pet Owner: Summer T. (GA)Pet Name: MarleyDate Lost: 04/15/2017Date Found: 04/18/17

Thank you so much for helping to find my. Baby Marley!! After 3 days we found him where he got lost and yes I thank you on being part of it. Couldn't do it without you guys Thanks Summer taylor


Found 1 Unknown

Pet Owner: TJ E. (FL)Pet Name: UnknownDate Lost: 04/24/2017Date Found: 04/26/17

I was able to find her home in two days. This service is wonderful
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