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Total: 5385 stories


Found 1 Scarlett

Pet Owner: Hillis P. (AL)Pet Name: ScarlettDate Lost: 04/05/2017Date Found: 04/10/17

LostMyDoggie site is great. I did receive a call from letting me know that she was at the edge of their back yard. They had received the robo call so they were able to contact me. So we knew she was still around in the area and safe. Scarlett finally found her way home. She was waiting at the back gate for me to open it, as she recognized our other dog and knew she was home.


Found 1 Man

Pet Owner: Kathryn B. (MS)Pet Name: ManDate Lost: 04/07/2017Date Found: 04/08/17

Just want to say thank you so much. A lady found him at her house and called me. He is fine and glad to be home. Thanks again and I will highly recommend your site.


Found 1 Pudgy

Pet Owner: Mayra L. (GA)Pet Name: PudgyDate Lost: 04/06/2017Date Found: 04/08/17

We are so grateful for all the help and support from Thanks to them and the wonderful couple who took care of our Pudgy, he is now back home. went above and beyond to provide us the help to find our lost baby Pudgy. They even educated us through their websiteand emails to know what we needed to do in order to find him, under "Lost Pet Tips". If you have lost your baby (dog or cat)please. ..please.... please, read it, it can help you just like it helped us. They also sent emails and faxes to animal facilities in our area free of charge. At first I was a little unsure if the website would do what it said it would do, But we were in such great need to find our baby, that we gave it a try. When we Went to the shelters and veterinary clinics and hospitals to put up a lost dog flyer they mentioned to me that they did in fact received the email or faxed and that they were already on the look out for Pudgy. We could not believe it. I was so impressed and it brought us great comfort to know that others cared so much about our Pet/family member the way we do. I can go on and on, about how satisfied we are from using this website. We recommend it to everyone who has lost or found a pet. They are fantastic and very attentive. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Agape Love The Lester Family??


Found 1 jessie

Pet Owner: Jessica M. (CO)Pet Name: jessieDate Lost: 04/06/2017Date Found: 04/07/17

This service is truly amazing. Fortunatly we found our pup! :)


Found 1 Sadie

Pet Owner: Eden E. (TN)Pet Name: SadieDate Lost: 04/05/2017Date Found: 04/07/17

Our dog Sadie ran away when we let her out to potty Wednesday afternoon. She didn't come back that evening and big storms were coming through. I called our local animal shelters and humane society and I was referred to lost my after putting up flyers generated by lostmydoggie, and having all the information sent to animal rescue facilities, we were able to locate Sadie Friday morning- she had been taken in Wednesday night and sheltered from the storm by a woman who lived a few roads down from us. The woman had called our shelter and they were able to connect her to me. I'm so thankful for this website!


Found 2 Noogles

Pet Owner: Lael K. (TX)Pet Name: NooglesDate Lost: 03/25/2017

Thank you for this wonderful service!


Pet Owner: Kat C. (FL)Pet Name: LilithDate Lost: 04/05/2017

My dog was found!! She has been returned home safe and sound!! Thank you so much for this website!!!


Found 1 Madison

Pet Owner: Paulette C. (MI)Pet Name: MadisonDate Lost: 04/05/2017Date Found: 04/05/17

This website is awesome! While it was not the site that helped me locate my missing pup, I was highly impressed by the actions they took-for FREE- to assist me in finding my dog. I would recommend this site to anyone whose animal got out. :)


Found 1 Sophie

Pet Owner: Tracy R. (AL)Pet Name: SophieDate Lost: 04/03/2017

I had never heard of this site until 'our baby' escaped and was gone for 36 hours. She is not an outside dog so with the extreme weather in the forecast, her family was really worried. I registered all her info here and this site even created a flyer that we were able to print off and post around. Our baby came busting in the back door right as the major thunderstorm hit THANK GOD. Where as she came back on her own, it was a little comforting to know that there where many folk informed about her. I will diffinetly recomend this site to others.


Found 1 Momo

Pet Owner: Janna H. (CA)Pet Name: MomoDate Lost: 03/27/2017

Momo is finally home ty.


Pet Owner: Joe Y. (WA)Pet Name: GaryDate Lost: 03/27/2017Date Found: 03/27/17

This is a great service. Gary was located thanks to lost my doggie.


Found 1 Moxie

Pet Owner: Mike D. (FL)Pet Name: MoxieDate Lost: 04/03/2017Date Found: 04/04/17

All I can say is thank you. Moxie and I are very close. She is an eye to eye contact girl. She can talk to you with her eyes. All I could think about was the last time I saw her, last night before she scooted. She got her usual hugs and squeezes. Again thank you. Mike


Found 1 Maddy

Pet Owner: Patricia H. (TX)Pet Name: MaddyDate Lost: 03/25/2017

Maddy showed up at our back door about 29 hours after she was found missing. I do not know where she had been, but thankful she was able to find her way back home. While I do not think it contributed to her return, I do believe the lostmydoggie website is extremely helpful to getting the word out about lost pets and helping to reunite them with their families.


Found 1 Axel

Pet Owner: Katelynn S. (PA)Pet Name: AxelDate Lost: 04/03/2017Date Found: 04/03/17

If it was for this website we probably would have never found our dog axel!


Found 1 Peanut

Pet Owner: Donald G. (TX)Pet Name: PeanutDate Lost: 04/02/2017Date Found: 04/03/17

Best service ever within a couple of hours my dog was found. I am so happy and thankful for your help. easy to use only hard thing for me was finding a picture of my dog peanut to upload from my phone to computer. Donald and peanut Fort worth TX.
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