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Found 1 Timber

Pet Owner: LesLee B. (TN)Pet Name: TimberDate Lost: 07/23/2017Date Found: 07/25/17

As soon as I submitted this form, our dog, Timber, was delivered to our local humane society. As he was led into the bldg to be processed this alert came across their website. We were then called and asked to answer a few questions. In less then 30 minutes we were picking up our dog!! Highly recommend this website!!!


Found 1 Cha Cha

Pet Owner: Tricia A. (NM)Pet Name: Cha ChaDate Lost: 07/22/2017Date Found: 07/25/17

Excellent site to help spreading the word of lost animals. Thank you so much.


Found 1 Kilo

Pet Owner: Ruth A. (CA)Pet Name: KiloDate Lost: 07/20/2017

I never knew there were so many caring, loving and understanding Pet lovers on action. I posted on the description of my baby Puppy Kilo and instantly received calls and updates from the community stating they had possibly seeing him near the area. I did find my doggie and I couldn't be more thankful and blessed. Thank you all.


Found 2 Jacob

Pet Owner: Beverly J. (FL)Pet Name: JacobDate Lost: 07/21/2017

Jacob is home safe ???????????? Thank You for all your help he was hidden about 10ft from our steps In a construction site , he crawled under a bunch of boards Ans pvc pipes i had to pull him out, he was dirty and wet Poor thing something scared him. Hes safe and clean My babycats back.????


Found 1 Piper

Pet Owner: Kris S. (OR)Pet Name: PiperDate Lost: 10/14/2017

Piper is HOME!!! A fellow driving E on 84 saw her cowering at the side of the highway and pulled over. She was on a bridge over railway tracks where there is basically no shoulder, so he couldn’t get to her. He took the next exit and his daughter remembered seeing the post on FB this morning and he connected the dots with the posters he had seen and gave me a call. I ran along the highway from exit 63 and over the bridge (scarey) but she wasn’t there. I then decided to hike up from the highway calling her name. At the top of the hill and back a bit there was a bunch of cars in a field and I continued to call her name. I couldn’t believe it when her head popped out from behind a van. My heart stopped and I think she was just as happy to see me. Thanks the everyone who shared on FB—it really does work.


Found 1 Storm

Pet Owner: Sherry K. (NM)Pet Name: StormDate Lost: 07/17/2017Date Found: 07/23/17

This site was so helpful in getting the word out immediately about our missing dogbaby, Storm. The posters that we were able to print at home and post (EVERYWHERE!) were instrumental in finding Storm. A kind lady saw the poster and alerted us to where Storm might be. We drove around most of the night and were able to find Storm in the vicinity of the caller. Now, our job is to retrace our steps and remove all those posters so that others can have spots for posters! Thank you so very much for this free service. It helped our family more than we could ever express.


Found 1 NAVI

Pet Owner: Lori L. (NM)Pet Name: NAVIDate Lost: 07/22/2017

My dog has beem found! Thank you to my neighbors for finding and taking good care of her for the night. I am blessed.


Found 1 Mabel

Pet Owner: Tracy G. (AL)Pet Name: MabelDate Lost: 70/03/2017Date Found: 07/22/17



Found 1 Coly

Pet Owner: Melissa A. (CA)Pet Name: ColyDate Lost: 07/19/2017

Ty so much


Found 1 Rocko

Pet Owner: Tammie S. (AL)Pet Name: RockoDate Lost: 07/20/2017Date Found: 07/21/17

One we registered our dog missing, it was less than 2 hrs and he was located. The poster made me feel proactive while the local shelter was really in tune to his photo and email they received . Happy family! Thank you.


Found 1 Bruno

Pet Owner: David K. (OK)Pet Name: BrunoDate Lost: 06/24/2017Date Found: 06/24/17

Though I was put off by the cost of the service I was surprised at how quickly the call went out. I had a large amount of people who contacted me trying to help find my Bruno. In the end we he was returned in a little over an hour making this an extremely good choice for finding your 4 legged loved ones.


Found 1 Kahtoola

Pet Owner: cathy R. (MA)Pet Name: KahtoolaDate Lost: 07/16/2017

7/19/17: Kahtoola has been caught by ACO and MDM volunteer Megan B from Missing Dogs Massachusetts ! Kahtoola's owner and Megan B were setting up a trap for her and she was right there. A toss of a hot dog, a little know how, and its all over. Welcome back Kahtoola!


Found 1 Shneebly

Pet Owner: Trinda G. (AL)Pet Name: ShneeblyDate Lost: 07/08/2017

We have found our lost dog thankfully!! A Good Samaritan in the community found him and brought him to the vet, who ran his chip and called us. We are so grateful for people who go the extra mile to make sure animals are taken care of!


Found 1 Peppermint

Pet Owner: Pam D. (GA)Pet Name: PeppermintDate Lost: 07/11/2017Date Found: 07/18/17

Thank you for providing a way to spread the word fast and making it easy to access a flier. Your service is fantastic.


Found 1 Ace

Pet Owner: Valerie C. (TN)Pet Name: AceDate Lost: 07/18/2017Date Found: 07/18/17

He was found by a lady and seen the post on your website. Thank the good Lord above.
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